The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

When it comes to buying organic produce I use the list complied by the Environmental Working Group(EWG). I used to buy organic and non-organic fruit and produce indiscriminately. Then I heard about the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen. The Clean Fifteen are veggies and fruit that have the least amount of pesticide residue on them and the Dirty Dozen have the most.

The EWG's press release claims that "consumers who choose five servings of fruits and vegetables a day from EWG's Clean 15 list rather than from the Dirty Dozen can lower the volume of pesticides they consume by 92 percent". Now when I buy items from the Dirty Dozen list I always try to get organic. I know that when it comes to Clean Fifteen I can buy conventionally grown produce if I have to.

Dirty Dozen
1 Apples 2 Celery 3 Strawberries 4 Peaches 5 Spinach
6 Nectarines 7 Grapes 8 Sweet bell peppers 9 Potatoes
10 Blueberries 11 Lettuce 12 Kale/collard greens

In all of my recipes Dirty Dozen items are listed as organic.

Clean Fifteen
1 Onions 2 Sweet Corn* 3 Pineapples 4 Avocado
5 Asparagus 6 Sweet peas 7 Mangoes 8 Eggplant
9 Cantaloupe - domestic (USA) 10 Kiwi 11 Cabbage
12 Watermelon 13 Sweet potatoes 14 Grapefruit
15 Mushrooms 

*Because most corn is now GMO I  always buy organic . 


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