"Fresh" GM produce available at the market are currently limited to the following:
  • Some Sweet Corn from the US and Canada
  • Some Squash and Zucchini from the US only
  • Papaya from the US (Hawaii)  

However, GMOs are in 70% -80% of processed foods. The main GMOs in processed foods are:
  • Corn
  • Canola
  • Soy
  • Sugar Beet
How can I avoid eating GM foods?
  • Limit your use of processed foods.Eat whole foods whenever possible.
  • If you must eat processed foods look for the official Non GMO Project or Certified Organic labels (see "Good Info"links for more information). Or read the list of ingredients and stay away from the foods listed above as well as their derivatives. 
  • Only use Cane Sugar
What about the PLU label on fresh produce?
You may have heard a little rhyme about PLU codes on fresh produce to help identify GM fruit and vegetables.  The rhyme relates to the number at the beginning of the PLU. Unfortunately the PLUs are simply tools used by companies to help with inventory, marketing etc.  Companies are not compelled to use the PLU associated with GMOs.

However, the number 9 at the start of the PLU does indicate that the item was grown organically and therefore is not GMO. Organic farmers are much more open to identifying their produce.

What about Meat and Dairy?
There are currently no GM food animals on the market in Canada or the US.  However, almost all food animals are fed corn and soy.  If you want to insure that you are not getting any GMOs in your diet then you may want to reduce your consumption of animal products and/or choose organic meat, eggs and dairy products.  
What about Popcorn?
The good news is that popcorn is not GM.  The oils used in movie theatre popcorn and microwave popcorn however are likely to be GMO.  I use a hot air popper and top my freshly popped corn with real butter and sea salt. Yum.



  1. Please join this campaign to make our food supply in the USA more transparent and safer for everyone. Please sign the petition and spread the word.

    "It takes a village with a conscience to change the world."
    We can change our world one signature at a time.

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  2. Hi Nathifa, thank you for sharing this information. I hope that all of my US readers will sign! I live in Canada and we have many of the same problems with transparency in our food production. If we each do our part we can make change!